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re:wraps are a reusable sustainable alternative to clingfilm - simply use the warmth and pressure of your hands to wrap and seal over a bowl/plate or item of food/produce. The wrap will hold its shape when it cools creating a seal. 


Wash and reuse again and again for up to 12 months. 


Our Sunshine collection consists of 3 different patterns tells the story of an English summer with its vast skies, pretty meadows and gentle flowers. The colour palette is bright yet soft giving the feeling of warmth and sunshine.


Each pack will contain a selection from the Sunshine patterns. 

Sunshine collection

  • Mixed pack of 3 re:wraps

    Great multi-use pack to keep your food fresh for days longer.



    1 x large re:wrap (35cm x 35cm) 

    1 x medium re:wrap (35cm x 20cm) 

    1 x small re:wrap (20cm x 20cm)


    2 large re:wraps

    For your sandwiches or covering a large bowl. This is a very versatile size which works for well in many situations - just fold or wrap the excess re:wrap when using on smaller items.



    2 x large re:wraps (35cm x 35cm)


    3 medium re:wraps

    Just the right size for keeping cheese fresh in the fridge or for a bread roll in your lunch box.



    3 x medium re:wraps (35cm x 20cm)